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Decreasing the amount of bandwidth used for sending emails

Question: How can I decrease the amount of bandwidth used each time I send out a newsletter?

Brief Answer: Do not send attachments and pictures; upload the files to your web site and link them in your newsletter

Answer: If you are experiencing slowdowns or consuming too much of bandwidth, it means that your newsletter is not optimally designed. Most likely, you put a lot of graphics into the message body, attached huge files or made your message too long. This results in your mass messages become huge upon sending what causes the problem. You can easily calculate the time and the bandwidth you need to spend for sending by multiplying the message size (sum up sizes of all files, pictures and text) by the number of your active recipients. Efficient design of your message will allow you not only decrease the bandwidth but also speed up sending and improve delivery rate through anti-spam filters. Huge and bad-designed messages are usually rejected by anti-spam filters. Users do not read them as well (nobody likes long and bad-organized articles). Please, read the article Email messages are rejected or appear in Bulk or Junk Mail folder for details.

To decrease the amount of bandwidth used for sending you must do the following:

  • If you use the HTML or EML format, upload all your graphics and attachments to your web site and link them in your newsletter using the <A href="http://www.mysite.com/files/myattachment.pdf">Download the price list</A> construction for your attachments and the <IMG SRC = "http://www.mysite.com/images/header.gif"> construction for your pictures.
  • If possible, put all your articles on your website and create a plain-text message with short descriptions and links. Your users will be happy receiving such small messages.
  • Do not put a huge text into your message. If you are going to send a huge article, you must upload it to your website and create a plain-text message with a short description and a link where user can read the full version.
  • Make your message in plain text. It will not only decrease the traffic but also improve the delivery rate.

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Bulk Email mailer is intended for sending email utilizing subscription-based mailing lists. It's a useful tool for anyone who needs to send requested newsletters and notifications to a large number of subscribers. This program allows you create and manage subscription-based mailing lists, and generate individual messages while sending. You can create separate subscription-based mailling lists, which contain information about your subscribers, messages, and SMTP servers used for sending your email messages. This software is a handy tool for keeping feedback from your clients or users, and it's a good mailing list manager.

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