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Displaying letters in different languages incorrectly

Question: I am trying to send email messages in my native language. Sending works fine but received messages look like garbage: no accents, nothing, only unreadable random symbols. How can I resolve the problem?

Brief Answer: Select a correct character set in Options->System and in the General Settings of your mailing list.

Answer: Bulk Email mailer lets you send email messages in any language correctly without any problems. If you are having such a problem it only means you are using an incorrect character set in your email message. There are two ways available to resolve the problem. If you are sending a plain-text or pure HTML message and compose it in Bulk Email mailer, you should select your correct character set in System Options by using the Options->System item of the main menu and in General Settings of Mailing List by selecting the Mailing List node (the top root node) in the tree and clicking the Change button on the bottom toolbar. You must change it in the both places. After that all mailing lists you create will be created with a correct character set. If you see several character sets for your language, select the one that works correctly. Usually, it will be the Windows character set unless you create your messages in a third-party tool in a specific character set, copy and paste it to Bulk Email mailer. If you can not find your character set in the drop-down list (usually for rare or complex languages) you can use the second way of resolving the problem. The second way means using Outlook Express to create a message in EML format, which contains the correct character set inside of the message. If your Outlook Express is set up correctly, and does not have any language problems, all messages created in it and exported to Bulk Email mailer will be sent exactly as you see them in Outlook Express upon creation. Please, read about creating messages in Outlook Express in EML format to get more information on how to create EML messages in Outlook Express.

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Bulk Email mailer is intended for sending email utilizing subscription-based mailing lists. It's a useful tool for anyone who needs to send requested newsletters and notifications to a large number of subscribers. This program allows you create and manage subscription-based mailing lists, and generate individual messages while sending. You can create separate subscription-based mailling lists, which contain information about your subscribers, messages, and SMTP servers used for sending your email messages. This software is a handy tool for keeping feedback from your clients or users, and it's a good mailing list manager.

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