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Email messages are rejected or appear in bulk or junk mail folder

Question: Why my mass email messages are rejected by recipient's mail servers or appear in Bulk or Junk Mail folder? How to get this around?

Brief Answer: You messages look as commercial advertisements; change content of your messages

Answer: This happens because you are trying to send an email message to masses that looks like a commercial advertisement. Some people and email providers use anti-spam filters, which retain your message after analyzing its content.

You can easily get this around if you do not really send SPAM. If you send SPAM please, read our anti-spam policy and stop using our program immediatelly. We do not support spammers! For most of normal bulk email tasks we have recommendations, which will help you. All you need to do is to recompose your message according to the tips below:

  • Create your message in plain-text format or in EML format. Most of anti-spam filters reject pure HTML messages and email messages using a lot of different colors, fonts and pictures. Please, read about problems with sending pure HTML messages to get more information on how to create EML messages
  • Make your message as short and simpe as possible. Anti-spam filters reject excessively long and heavy messages. Think about your customers too, they do not want to receive huge messages and they will not read them anyway. It is better to place short descriptions and insert links where they can find more information. If your customers need what you offer they will click a link. You do not need to place pictures right into email message, prepare good articles on your website and send only links to them with brief descriptions. You can create a very informative and attractive newsletter in plain-text that will be more effective than a complex HTML page.
  • Avoid using standard phrases advertisers do. Phrases like Buy it now, Only $9.99, Make money fast, Price will only irritate your customers. Do not use phrases like Click here or Here is your as well. More than one such a phrase may cause a filter to reject your message. Try to imagine that you are a reader. How would you like a newsletter to look like?
  • Try to change Mailer Signature. By default Bulk Email mailer uses Microsoft Outlook Express phrase as mailer signature to be fully compatible with Outlook Express's EML message format. If your messages look not like messages produced by Outlook Express, they will be rejected by anti-spam filters. Open the system options of the program by using the Options - System command then change the mailer signature to something else (Peter Smith and CO Mailer v1.1 for example). You can do this as often as you like.
  • Personalize and serialize your messages. Use macros such as %RECIPIENTNAME%, and %UNIQUECODE% to personalize and serialize your messages. It is better for your customers to greet them by their names. A unique code will help you to track responses as well.
Please, note that even if you make your newsletter according to those tips you will be anyway rejected by some antispam filters because you never know how certain filters handle message content and what they consider as bulk email. Some filters are just so buggy that reject everything including normal email messages while some filters allow only email messages sent from certain senders. If you get not more than 10% of bounce backs, it is normal and actually a very good rate for any mass mailer.

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