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Eml file as a message is being sent as blank message

Question: I have an EML file that I am trying to use as the message. The recipients do receive the email but it is completely blank in the body. What am I doing wrong?

Brief Answer: You are sending a blank EML message. Create a correct EML message.

Answer: The reason of this problem is that you have created a blank EML file or linked a blank EML file to a 1st Mass Mailer's message. You should check if you use a valid EML message by double clicking the EML file in Windows Explorer. If it is opened by Outlook Express and if you see the correct content of the message it means that the file is valid and it will be send by 1st Mass Mailer correctly. Please, note that you must use Outlook Express, not Microsoft Outlook to produce EML files. Renamed MSG file made by Microsoft Outlook will not become EML file after renaming.

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