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Entering smtp credentials into config dialog

Question: First time I tried to send a message using 1st Mass Mailer, the message would not go through. It gives me connection failure error

Brief Answer: You need to make sure you specified a correct host name for SMTP server

Answer: In the options dialog, SMTP Settings tab, make sure you have specified the correct (letter for letter) name of the SMTP server, because it is a very common problem to misspell it.

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This is a very fast subscription-based mass mailer with a lot of useful features. This bulk email program is used by many internet professionals and on-line store owners, to notify their customers about various events and send requested newsletters to promote new products and services. The program lets you organize a subscription on your web site, it's easy-to-use, and easy-to-configure. 1st Mass Mailer allows you quickly import a list of your subscribers into its internal database, do filter-based manipulations on the list, sort and search for duplicate emails and enable or disable individual subscribers

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