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Problems with sending pure html messages

Question: I am having problems with sending pure HTML messages. Either they are rejected by mail servers or appear in the Bulk or Junk Email folders. How can I get this around?

Brief Answer: Create your HTML messages in Outlook Express, save them as EML files, and use them in 1st Mass Mailer as messages

Answer: This problem occurs because of a new standard for SMTP protocol taken a while ago due to which all pure HTML email messages must be considered as bulk emails. This means that most of email providers will reject such messages or put them into the Bulk or Junk Mail folders. This decision was taken because most of regular email clients do not send email messages in pure HTML format.

To get this around you should create your messages in Outlook Express in rich-text format then save them as EML files using the File->SaveAs command from the main menu of Outlook Express's message editor. EML format is an HTML plus plain-text multipart mixed format actualy containing both: HTML and plain-text versions of your message.

You can easily design your messages in Outlook Express looking the same way as your pure HTML messages or you can just open your old HTML message in Internet Explorer, select all content using the Ctrl+A key combination on your keyboard, copy it to the Clipboard, paste it to the Outlook Express's message editor then save this new message as EML file using the File->SaveAs command from the main menu of Outlook Express's message editor.

After you get your EML file you should open 1st Mass Mailer, create a new messages, select type of message as External EML message file, enter the location of your EML file (manually enter the full file path or press the Browse button to select it with Windows Explorer), then save the message by clicking on the Ok button.

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