Antivirus Software

Antivirus Software Wipeouts

This group of options is used for removing history, most recently used lists (MRU Lists) and the other evidence from various antivirus software. You can check/uncheck the options inside the group if you need to turn them on/off. When they are turned on, the program will perform the wiping actions upon wipeout execution.

Security Alert
If you brought an infected file to your work PC by chance and your preinstalled antivirus detected and deleted the virus, you are in danger! Although the virus has been deleted from your work PC, log files contain detailed information about the file you brought and the virus it contained. You may be fired right after your system administrator studies your log files. It is strongly recommended that you remove the log files often.

Available wipeouts for this wipeout group:

  • Clean Norton AntiVirus - Removing activity logs in Norton AntiVirus 2000
  • Clean McAfee Virus Scan - Removing scan logs and activity logs in McAfee Virus Scan





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