Image Tools

Image Tools Wipeouts

This group of options is used for removing history, most recently used lists (MRU Lists) and other evidence from various image tools. You can check/uncheck the options inside the group if you need to turn them on/off. When they are turned on, the program will perform the wiping actions upon wipeout execution.

Security Alert
Whether you use various image tools just to see photos, or to edit pictures, hidden traces remain on your hard disk after you have finished your work. Sometimes, those traces may result in dire consequences if somebody uses the same image tools and finds out what you did. For example, you see erotic pictures with ACDSEE in your spare time at work and then just close ACDSEE and leave your PC. When your system administrator starts your PC, opens ACDSEE and sees what pictures you saw during working day because ACDSEE remembers the last folder with pictures. It is strongly recommended that you clean history in all image tools right after you have worked with them.

Available wipeouts for this wipeout group: