Encryption algorithms.

There are a large number of encryption algorithms. The most widely methods include :

DES - Data Encryption Standard was developed more than 15 years ago, and is one of the most respected algorithms. It has withstood most attempts to crack it, and currently exists in a number of versions.

CRYPT(3) - A version of DES for UNIX systems.

RC2 and RC4 - This algorithm has a variable key size. It was developed by Ron Rivest for RSA Data Security, Inc. RC is short for “Ron’s Code”. The algorithm itself has never been made public.

IDEA - This encryption algorithm works on 64 bit blocks containing data previously divided into four sub-blocks. Encryption then takes place, and the blocks are combined in different ways.

RSA - Ron Rivest, Adi Shamir and Leonard Adleman introduced this algorithm in 1978, and it remains one of the strongest encryption algorithms in use. RSA uses shared and private keys for encryption/decryption. However, RSA is a slow algorithm - at it  fastest it is 100 times slower than DES in software.

SNEFRU - This is a one-way hash algorithm designed by Ralp Merkle. Thehash function converts incoming data to 128 or 256 bit values.

MD2 - A one-way hash function designed by Ron Rivest.The function produces a 128 bit hash value from incoming data.

MD4 - A one-way hash function designed by Ron Rivest. MD meansMessage Digest, and creates a 128 bit hash value from incomingdata.

MD5 - MD5 is a further development of MD4, and also creates a 128 bithash.

SHA - Secure Hash Algorithm, developed by the National Institute ofStandards and Technology with the National Security Agency. SHAis very similar to MD4.

RIPE-MD - A version of MD4. It was developed by the EU's RAC project.

HAVAL - A one-way has function with variable length.

SKIPJACK - A top secret algorithm for Clipper and Capstone (encryption chips).

The code and algorithms are known only by highly cleared USGovernment and contractor personnel.


The first public key algorithm created.The algorithm can be used for distributing keys.

XOR - There are a large number of XOR encryption algorithms. They areamong the simplest, and a very fast.

BLOWFISH - A type of XOR encryption, but much stronger.

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