Password Protecting Files.

As mentioned earlier, every program has its own methods for password protecting files. While we cannot cover every single program here, we have provided quick instructions for common office and financial programs. If a program is not listed here, consult the programís Help menu for details for password protection instructions.

Microsoft Word and Excel. From the File menu, select Save As. Click Options in the window that appears and look for the File Sharing section. (In Office 2000, click Tools, General Options.) Here you can assign a password to open and/or a password to modify the document

WordPerfect 8 and Quattro Pro 8. Select Save As from the File menu. In the window that appears, check the Password Protect box and click Save. A Password Protection box will appear where you can select your protection level and enter your password. In Quattro Pro, you can assign different levels of protection to different elements. These instructions are for protecting a simple file.

Quicken 6.0. Go to the File menu and select Passwords. You will have the option of protecting a file or a transaction. If you select File, you will be prompted to enter a password in the Set Up Password window. To protect transactions, select Transaction from the File/Password menu, enter your password, and select the dates of the transactions to protect.

Microsoft Money 2000. Go to the File menu and click Password. You will be prompted to enter and confirm your new password. Use the same method to change the password, but you will need to enter the old password first.

Access Manager - More info

     If the above options do not provide enough security for you, download Access manager for Windows.

Access manager provides much more security than standard ways in Windows.

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